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The Chicken Republic Security boys that were sacked dancing, now looking great following the scholarship abroad by OPM Pastor

Here are the Chicken Republic security staff that we’re sacked for dancing/entertaining customers while on duty.

Well, see what they look like now wow!😮 

The two boys known as happy boys were sacked last year for entertaining their customers while at work.

However, Grace found them as their video and story were all over the internet and drew the attention of a clergyman Apst. Chibuzor the pioneer of (OPM) who promised them a scholarship to study abroad.

The clergyman who is known for his selfless acts fulfilled his promise and sent the boys to Cyprus to further their education on scholarship.

In recent, the clergyman took to his official page to share pictures of how the boys look now.

According to him, the photos were forwarded by the grateful boys who wanted to show him how far they have transformed since they encountered him.

Sharing the photo the clergyman wrote: 

“Just received the photos of the Chicken Republic Security boys”.

Only God has the capacity to restore your destiny.

” Trust GOD only not man”.

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