The Authoritarian and Domineering Parent

My parent

There are many different stories of individuals who have grown up with domineering parents. These stories often involve parents who exert a great deal of control over their children’s lives, and may be overly critical, demanding, or even abusive.

One example is of a young girl named Tolulope. Tolulope grew up in a household where her parents were both highly successful business executives. They had high expectations for their children and placed a strong emphasis on academic and professional achievement. Tolulope’s parents were also very controlling, and monitored her every move, from her grades to the friends she hung out with.

As a result of her parents’ domineering nature, Tolulope grew up feeling pressure to constantly perform at a high level and struggled to make decisions for herself. She struggled with low self-esteem due to the illicit act of his father toward her, and often felt that she was never good enough in her parents, eyes.

On a certain day, Tolulope was able to break free from her parents’ coven and began to make her own decisions.

Read how Tolu was able to escape from his dictatorial parent:

Tolulope was paking her loads, her mother came in. Tolu what is the matter? Where are you going?, Tolu said efimisile mio gbe ile yi mo, I’m tired of this house her mother said egba mii iru omoburuku wo ni e ile baba e., her father came in and asked what is the matter, Mrs Benson(her mother) explain to her husband, her father turn to her ngbon Tolu, Tolu said yes just leave me alone, her mother race her voice at her, is it beacuse your father didn’t allowed you to be wayward? Is that why you want to move out? Tolu was bitterly crying just let me go or else, her mother asked her or else what? Benson (his father) interrupt let her go, Tolu carry her loads and she takes her leave. her mother was shouting you will regret your action i promise you.

Tolu went straight to a nearby restaurant, she’s crying and thinking. how his father came in to her room at midnight, Tolu was sleeping why her father tried to raped her. Mr Benson open her door and enter, Tolu wake up and said dad kilode, Benson said to her relax i want to tell you something. Tolu couldnt say anything, He took advantage of her and raped her. Tolu came back from her thinking…. She’s crying, baba mi rape mi lemeta ototo gbogbo igbiyanju mi lati salaye fun iya mi ofo ni, orin kan ni iya mi n tenu mo, won ni ni toriwipe dad nba mi wi ni, she couldn’t listing to my explanations, my father is a Devil, and I have a Domineering mother.
She’s crying bitterly.

However, the years of domineering parenting had taken a toll on her and she struggled with anxiety and depression. Through therapy and time, Tolulope was able to work through these issues and build a healthy, fulfilling life.

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