Soludo’s new tax regime ensures accountability – Anambra govt

The Anambra State government has said the new tax regime put in place by Governor Charles Soludo will ensure accountability, transparency and sanity.

This is as the state lamented the uncooperative and unprogressive attitude of some of the citizenry towards tax payment, saying it resulted in major financial problems for government.

This was disclosed in a statement issued on its Facebook page.

The statement read, “Imagine Anambra state where every eligible adult pays taxes and their taxes are prudently used to; bridge financial gaps and promote inclusive growth which can lead to more children receiving quality education, more families having access to clean water, greener environment and effective health care delivery and as well, government undertakes capital projects that will impact positively on the lives of the citizens. What a time and a state it will be. This is what Governor Soludo’s administration is poised to deliver on a measured time and, there is no better time to be onye Anambra than now.

“Weeks ago, there were arguments and counterarguments by the policy commentators over the Anambra’s new tax regime. It is quite clear that just like any other aggressive reforms of this government, this tax issues come with its own sacrifices.
Having being evaluated, it is agreed fact, that Soludo’s administration tax policies which is designed to offer a systematically reduced tax rates and strict compliances, has come to enthrone accountability, transparency and sanity where if eligible adults pays their fair share of development obligations, as at when due, the revenue receipts will increase without distorting growth.

“What majority didn’t know is that the uncooperative and unprogressive attitude of some of the citizenry towards tax payment results in major financial problems of government and no government, even the well-organized government survives tax evasion.

“At this juncture, ndi-Anambra should know that the hallmark of liveable and prosperous homeland requires substantial financial assistance from every individual for economic development to be delivered on a “measured time”.”

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