Soludo’s daughter debuts Aorah brand at Lagos Fashion week

Adaora Soludo and her international clothing brand, Aorah Fashion House, have made their debut at the Lagos Fashion Week.

This was disclosed in a statement issued by the media of Anambra State where her father, Charles Soludo, is Governor.

Aorah had been selected as a finalist at the Lagos Fashion Week ‘Green Access’ programme, alongside popular fashion brands from Nigeria and across Africa, and debuted on the runway with a mini collection titled “ogbanaonwe a” (it designs itself), a collection of love, inspired by the Akwete textile which it is named after.

According to the statement, “Ogbanaonwe a one of the most remarkable signature labels at the fashion event, comes in unique prints and finely-tailored blends, illustrating the deep artistry of the Aorah brand and the message that each label passes across.

“The 2022 Lagos Fashion Week, organized in collaboration with Style House Files, had launched the fourth edition of its talent discovery platform ‘Green Access’ across Africa with Best Seller Foundation (BSF).

“Green Access is a sustainable fashion accelerator programme that nurtures young designers and drives the recommitment of resource efficiency, biodegradability, longevity and recyclability as guiding principles for fashion design and production.

*With Akwete fabric as a focal point, the Aorah cross-national brand offers timeless designs and produces limited pieces that celebrate and uplift women that make the traditional textiles.

“Inspired by the founder’s heritage growing up in a multicultural country like Nigeria, with a rich variety of textiles and flamboyant traditional attires, the aim of the brand, according to Ms. Soludo, is to create high-quality pieces as well as promote African textiles to a global audience.”

Adaora explains brand’s concept

Explaining the energy behind the concept, Adaora said that the design is dedicated to all the women that worked endlessly to hand weave the pieces.

She said it was an ethical and sustainable fashion label inspired by Igbo culture and traditions, transforming traditional African textiles such as Akwete, Aso Oke and Kente into contemporary designs.

The statement continued, “She said that the brand’s empowerment programme also trains young people in creative skills with ten percent of profits donated to do so.

“Aorah which was set up as a brand that integrates traditional textiles and Akwete is used in different ways while paying tribute to its rich heritage and continuing to work directly with female weaving communities in Abia State.

“Aorah Fashion House was the leading brand at the recently organized Anambra Fashion Expo, 2022, held in Awka on September 16, 2022.”

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