Little but Big!

Little but Big!

Clement in his late 20s,a student pastor and God-fearing person. About to finish his studies. He planned to marry a lady (Faith). Faith a devoted Christian. Clement took is fiance (Faith) to his senior pastor for counselling the pastor advised them in many ways. Faith usually visits Clement house, and they always have immoral sex, which is not good for devoted Christian. After some months, Clement graduated as a pastor and wed his fiance (faith) they became pastor and pastor Mrs in a church. After many years of marriage,Faith couldn’t conceive. They prayed and fast for years even church congratulations always organised fasting and prayer on their behalf, but it’s all in vain. Clement started misbehaving having immoral sex with ladies in the Church. After many years of unfruitful and unhappiness marriage, they both decided to part away . Faith on the other side tried another marriage for 3 consecutive time, still no fruit of womb, her lives became miserable. Clement also move in love with a married woman in the Church and was later exposed. He was punished and sent out of the Church. Clement later became a drunker. One day, Faith went to her spiritual father to explain all she has been tackling in her life. Her spiritual father prayed for her and asked her to confess her sin. Faith had no choice but to complied. She told her spiritual father about the immoral sex between her and Clement back then and how they always preach against such to people, she said “one day Clement said we should have sex inside the Church which I refused, but I couldn’t hold myself further because of the affection, we did it on the pulpit. After Faith confessions, the spiritual father told Faith that what they both did was a big sin before God and Man, beside there’s no amount of prayer that can be answered in that Church, Faith cried and asked the spiritual Father the way out. Spiritual father told her to go for fasting and prayer to seek for God forgiveness and go back to the Church where the sin was committed and confess in front of the pastors and the Congregation. Faith with tears flowing from her eyes asked her spiritual father how to do this? But spiritual father said is the only way out. Faith busted to tears and regret her action….. ….
Let’s be guided of our behaviour……….don’t be to carried away………don’t allow your life been destroyed by five minutes of enjoyment…….
be guided….

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