“Domestic Violence” A Serious Issue that no one need to Suffer in Silence

Say no to violence a broken home is better than a broken life.

There was a young couple named Asake and Omololu. They had been married for only a few years, but their love for each other was strong and deep. They had a beautiful home, kids, and a bright future ahead of them.

But one day, something changed. Omololu began to become increasingly controlling and aggressive towards Asake. He would yell at her for small mistakes, blame her for things that went wrong, and even physically hurt her. Asake tried to brush it off as just stress from work, but the abuse only got worse.

Asake was beautiful, loving, and caring lady. Always good to everyone around. Asake was always abused by her husband Omololu. Omololu will beat and injure her whenever they both misunderstood and left scars on her body.

She was too afraid to tell anyone about the abuse, fearing that no one would believe her or that it would tear her family apart. She also felt guilty, thinking that she must have done something to cause Omololu’s behavior.

One faithful day, Asake’s Mother came for visit and figure out several scars on her face and body. Her mother tried to see the reason behind the scars but rather she lied to cover her husband’s wildest attitude as usual. Unfortunately, her son that had never been happy with his father’s animatic nature tried to expose the cause of his mother’s injury but Asake tried to shut him down. (This is how Asake defends Omololu’s wildest behaviorior so people will not notice the grief in her home)

Asake Mother controlled the situation and gave the little boy courage to express himself. He mentioned how his mom always been beating by his father. Asake Mother was shocked to hear this for the first time. She called and advised Omololu on how to handle/control the situation.

Omololu promised to change but unfortunately what is in the the blood is so hard to diffuse. After many occurrences, Asake’s Mother advise her Daughter to quit the marriage but Asake refused and believe God will change her husband’s attitude. One day Omololu started beating Asake as usual, but Asake resisted, and this aggravated Omololu’s temper and tried to infuse the beating. Asake on the other hand rushed to the kitchen and brings a knife. She stabs Omololu vigorously. Hmmm Omololu was on the floor in a pool of blood Omololu died.

Asake was shocked and helpless seeing Omololu lifeless. Asake never wishes to kill her husband or think of going to jail.

The story of Asake and Omololu serves as a reminder that marital violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and that no one should ever have to suffer in silence.

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