Beware never make this mistake “Choosing Pleasure over Work”

There was a man Joel who had always been taught the importance of hard work and responsibility. He had a good job as a lawyer and was well-respected in his community. However, as he grew older, he began to feel unfulfilled and yearned for more excitement and pleasure in his life.

One day, he made the impulsive decision to quit his job and travel the world in search of adventure and new experiences. He left behind his family, friends, and everything he had in pursuit of a greener pasture.

At first, Joel’s journey was filled with excitement and new experiences. He visited exotic locations, tried new foods, and met fascinating people. He felt alive and free like never before. He had always been a very reserved person, but now he was open to new adventures and new experiences.

Mr. Joel had been working with a company abroad for 15 years, a hard-working and intelligent Man. His qualities awarded him a promotion and were doing well. He was so loved by all staff both Junior and senior colleagues. He has never been disrespectful to anyone in the organization. Everything was going on smoothly in the company, One day a lady Tina who just arrived from Nigeria joined the company. Tina always did her work as instructed by her immediate boss who was Joel’s junior colleague.

Eventually, Tina started misbehaving and became so rude to everyone including her immediate boss. This is a result of her secret love affair with Joel overall boss of the departments. This attitude became so worrisome to the extent of she did not keep official hours effectively. She resumes late and closes early her boss reported her to their department head (Mr. Joel). Mr. Joel promised to checkmate her attitude but to no avail because of their love affair. Other workers were not happy about Tina’s behavioral attitude to the job. Other staff in her department later concluded to see an end to Tina’s bad approach since no possible action from their team leader.

One day they all plan to call the police department to their office Because they know Tina doesn’t have a resident permit. A week later Police visited their office without notice. This had never happened since Mr. Joel Joined the company. Mr. Joel was so surprised and confused that he doesn’t know what to do because Mr. Joel himself has no resident permit which was unknown to the management. He quickly called his white boss for help but was late for the white boss to assist. Mr. Joel and Tina were apprehended and both were deported. Mr. Joel lost everything after 15 years of hardworking/labor because he could not caution himself.

Mr. Joel had learned his lesson, and he never forgot it. He had found a balance between work and pleasure, He knew that he would never again make the mistake of choosing pleasure over work.

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