Before you destroy a Bridge

Chris was in his final year in university, and Blessing his girlfriend was in the 300 level, both started dating when Blessing was in her 100 level. They both live as lovers in the same room. Blessing aborted 3 times for Chris when she was in her second year. Chris finished his study and set to go for his service when blessing got pregnant again. Chris as usual advise her to terminate the pregnancy. Blessing refused but Chris persuaded her and promised to marry her after his service.

After all, Blessing agreed and aborted the 4 pregnancies. 2years later Chris got married to a chorister in his church, named Kate.

Chris forgone Blessing. When Blessing heard the news she cried out her eyes and regretted her past relationship with Chris. After so many years Kate wasn’t conceived. They prayed and fasted and did much deliverance,

One day Chris met one of his school mate who happened to be a Doctor. Chris explained his situation to him, His friend scheduled a meeting with Chris and his wife. Chris told Kate about this but Kate denied meeting and claimed she trusted their family Doctor alone. One beautiful day Chris’s friend (doctor) came to visit Chris at his house. Surprisingly she saw Kate who was his best friend’s former girlfriend. He narrated to Chris how he met Kate and everything about her, even why she won’t conceive because she has no womb again.

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