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Agony of a blind Boy

Broken trust

Ekundayo was blind from his mother’s womb, he has a little sis Oluwaseyi. Ekundayo’s parents were very rich, there have tried everything they can to make Dayo regain his sight but all in vain. Dayo can’t do things on his own and always depends on people, Seyi always feels reluctant to help her brother to do things, Dayo didn’t happy about his situation he is always in deep thought, and fall sick,

Their Family Doctor advised his parents to find him a partner, Dayo parents try to find a lady that can be with their son, a lady from mama Dayo’s friend (Folake) Folake promises to be with Dayo She claims she loves him. Folake always comes to visit Dayo she shows Dayo love, and care and promises not to leave him, ever since Folake has been in Dayo’s everything is going smoothly in their house, and  Dayo’s parents were happy including Dayo himself.

One day Folake told her Mother-in-law that she wish to have a supermarket the mother-in-law didn’t estimate to support her with Money she gave Folake a cheque. Two Months after Folake collected the cheque and send a letter to Dayo that she only accept his parent’s offer because she needs money to travel out of the country to Canada and she was already on her way to the airport She thanked the family for making her dreams come true.

Ekundayo burst into tears after Seyi read the letter finished, Seyi was sad, their parents were downcast, and everyone was full of tears. Dayo was later admitted with chronic conditions and his family was praying to God to heal him.

You don’t need to blow out someone’s else candle to make yours shine bright. If you can’t help people don’t add salt to their wounds.

Remember Kamal is real.

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